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Rita put on a live demonstration during the Chelmsford 4th of July celebrations. Here are some of Rita's comments about her experience.

"Painting the pitcher at July 4th was to publicize the project for the 350th celebration committee and start a sign-up sheet for people to do their own pitchers to display at Chelmsford's birthday party on the Common on Memorial Day weekend [2005]. This was one of the first two cutouts. Because the painting was done at the Chelmsford Art Society event, I thought it only fitting to donate it to the Chelmsford Art Society auction, and I was set-up next to that table (being very careful not to splash paint on the artwork already donated). Judy Buswick did the other pitcher as a photo collage of Chelmsford pics. Hers was on display at the Celebrations Committee booth during July 4th, with another sign-up sheet. As for the idea, brainstorming with Pat Pitzpatrick, what would people have put in the pitcher, milk, water, beer??? In looking through one of Pat's Chelmsford history books I came upon the Perham Farm and the story of their Cider Vinegar production. There was a drawing of the farm and a photo of the label. THAT'S IT! The idea of the vinegar pitcher was born. Now the only thing left to do was to paint it. At the July 4th show I spent about 3 hours painting, talking, answering questions, sweating etc. I always liked to demo, used to do it a lot. The photo shows the "finish". Probably worked on it 20 hours more, sporadically, I'm not a detail painter but where this was for the auction, it had "to look like was it is". Used a lot of Thalo blue and Thalo green! Attached to the back of the finished piece is a brief commentary on the pitcher project, a history of the Perham Farm and a copy of the original label. The pitcher was purchased at the CAS auction (silent part) by a person who lives near the former location of the Perham Farm. This is my tale of blood, sweat and tears and more than you ever wanted to know."



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 "the early stages"

 "hard at work"

"Rita flashes a smile"

"more details"

"more details"

"end of day's work"

photographs courtesy of Bob Stegmaier


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